Our Team

Chris Danielson

Chris Danielson | Domestic and International Climbing Wall Rep


Chris Danielson has been working as the National Climbing Wall Representative for eGrips and Trango and brand strategist for eGrips for nearly 8 years.  Chris has helped build the eGrips brand since 2006, infusing a professional approach and top level customer service.  He develops marketing ideas, represents us at trade shows and competitions, manages sponsorship, and works closely with our shapers to develop the best new set concepts.  Since 2008 Chris has directed eGrips sales globally and continues to work to increase the eGrips brand profile internationally and share our creativity with routesetters throughout the world.  He is a true climbing hold aficionado and whether dealing with major distributors, commercial climbing walls, or home gyms, he works to help get customers what they most want in climbing holds and share his own passion for the routesetting craft.

With his business Thread Climbing, Chris is also a top professional consultant in the climbing wall industry and one of the most experienced and accomplished competition routesetters in the world.  He has worked at over 50 major national and international competitions in the US and abroad and is the Chairman of the USA Climbing Routesetting Committee.  He also serves on the Rules Committee of USA Climbing, the Certification Standards Committee of the Climbing Wall Association, and is the only active IFSC certified International Routesetter from North America.  When not working, climbing, or thinking about climbing, Chris may be found watching movies, playing Tetris, and drinking Diet Pepsi.

Chris Klinke

Chris Klinke | President


As a Brand Director, Chris brings a history of Leadership and Development to the eGrips brand. Chris was a VP for a large fortune 50 Financial Services organization. After walking away from his life in Michigan he chose to pack his bags and travel the world. After a year of adventure he decided it wasn’t enough. That’s when he chose to experience the world from the tallest mountain, Mt. Everest. After 7 years of guiding some of the world’s largest mountains, he realized he could combine his everlasting passion for the mountains while building a career with his business knowledge. Even with his role as Brand Director for eGrips and Trango, he still manages time to climb into his oxygen tent, jump into his mountaineering gear and guide a crew to summit Everest while working from his satellite Wi-Fi at base camp.  

Greg Hartman | Director of Operations


Greg has been instrumental throughout the life of eGrips and has served in many capacities. Greg is in charge of Operation and Production for eGrips while wearing many other “operational hats” at GTHI. The technology wouldn’t be running if it wasn’t for Greg. You can find Greg at his best rock climbing in the Boulder Bubble or dirt biking in Moab.

Jared Clark

Jared Clark | Logistics Manager


Jared has been with GTHI for the since 2009 and runs the logistics for all GTHI brands. He is in charge of getting your holds out of our door and into yours. Jared can be found pulling plastic at the local climbing gyms in Boulder and when he’s not pretending to be a climber you may see him at a concert or two or doing some 16 oz. curls at the local pub.

If you have any shipping questions or concerns please contact Jared.