Route Setting

Routesetting is the lifeblood of climbing on plastic.  We’ve always understood that and been driven to create products that give routesetters the best tools to explore climbing movement.  With that in mind, we do our best to support setters at the gyms where they work, through our support of USA Climbing and sponsorship of other climbing competitions and events around the globe.   We believe that sharing experiences is a great way to engage the setting community. Years back, we started interviewing setters to hear their interesting stories and to delve into the backgrounds of some of the people who are really dedicated to the craft.

Today, the program has evolved into our weekly #setterday spotlights where we continue telling these stories. Read on to see what makes some of these unique setting characters tick, how they got to where they are in the setting world, their favorite styles or methods to setting, and some of the tricks and tips they use.

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