Shaping Overview

All eGrips climbing holds are the artistic creations of imaginative and skilled designers.  In 1996, eGrips was officially born in a small windowless studio where Ian Powell and Ty Foose illegally took turns sleeping on the couch or bed, and all they were fueled by was the desire to create.  They explored different foam to sculpt with, hundreds of varied tools and techniques for shaping, and have consistently produced innovative and popular designs that have inspired millions of climbers at climbing walls throughout the world ever since.  Over 15 years and nearly 1500 holds later, eGrips are still setting the standard in climbing hold design.

Powell and Foose have designed the vast majority of well-known eGrips shapes; Powell’s intricate artistry coming to form in families like the Pure Lines, Tribal, Joe’s, and Dakota; Foose’s Bubble Wrap, Myorcan and Dishes families reflecting his perfect blend of form and function.

Ian Powell

Ian Powell | Top Designs:  Comfy Crimps, Jax Jugs, Ian’s Tribal, Pure Line Mini Jugs, Dakota Pinches

Ian cultivated his shaping craft not long after he began climbing and after moving to Boulder, Colorado, he honed his skills designing for the classic original hold brand Straight Up.  With a fine art background, his own personal philosophy of movement, and a distinct shaping style, Ian is truly a genius with foam.  Each of his creations is a unique product of self-expression through climbing.  Needless to say, Ian has had an inspiring, intriguing, illustrious and incendiary career in the climbing world. 

Ty Foose | Top Designs:  Bubble Wrap Pinches, Myorcan Tufas, Drop Art Finger Buckets, Loaves

Originally from Texas, Ty traveled throughout the West hooked on climbing throughout the early 1990s.  He became an accomplished routesetter working at multiple National events during the days of the ALF (American League of Forerunners) and developed his skills shaping for multiple first generation climbing hold brands, and as a custom climbing wall builder.  After many years in Colorado with his company Monolithic (which designed and built the iconic Spot Bouldering Gym) Ty moved back to Texas.  When not out exploring every piece of rock that can be found outside his home in Hueco Tanks, he continues to shape soon-to-be classic eGrips climbing holds each year.

Ryan SpenceRyan Spence | Top Designs:  Remarkable Rocks Jugs, Ryan’s Turtle Shells, Lunar Loaves, Peabody Feet

Ryan has a passion for classic climbing holds and shaping history. Ryan started shaping holds and 1992 and after nearly ten years developing his shaping and mold making skills in relative isolation he began apprenticing with Ian and Ty.  Ryan’s first shapes we introduced to the e-Grips line in 2002. Popular themes from Ryan include the Remarkable Rocks, Turtle and Peabody themes.

Ryan has worked in all aspects of the climbing industry over the last 20 years. Ryan currently manages the development, design and construction of climbing wall projects for Elevate Climbing Walls and is a USAC certified setter. Ryan also happens to be a world renowned expert on diving history and has one of the largest collections of Jacques Cousteau equipment in the world but that is another story. . .

Chris DanielsonChris Danielson | Top Designs:  Mo Joe’s Slopers, Pure Slap Slopers II

Chris is more of an idea guy, developing the shaping plan and the majority of concepts for new eGrips sets since 2006.  Though he will forever aspire to the artistic genius of shapers like Powell and Foose, he knows he’ll never get there and is happy to live in the world of ideas and leave the expertise to the true artists.  Nonetheless, he has added a couple popular sets to the eGrips line, and continues to obsess over new shape ideas while testing his carving skills carefully.

Trevor TurmelleTrevor Turmelle | Top Designs: Bocan Slopers, Crystal Tremors, Krabi Limestone Pinch, Krabi Limestone Roof Jugs 

“Since Ty and Ian are the geniuses of e-grips, Chris is the idea guy, and Ryan is the explorer, then I am the water boy cheerleader. It took me no less than one full decade of shaping under Ty’s constant attention to get to the point in my career where I get to work under the banner of the best hold company in America. I feel grateful every day.

In 2005, I accidentally moved two doors down from Ty in Hueco Tanks, Texas. It turns out that being one of the few survivors in that part of the world in July pays off. I found myself wearing a World War II relic gas mask, standing in a small, gutted travel trailer, with the Ty Foose and countless beers. Just like Breaking Bad, it was all down hill from there. Today, I strive for utility when I shape. I work to make holds that are practical, holds that are comfortable, and holds that everyone wants to set with and climb on.”