Home Gym

In basements, attics, garages and elaborate labyrinths of climbing holds throughout the country and around the world, climbers train for their next project, have fun with friends, and get stronger.  All of you weekend warriors, passionate home woody routesetters, and focused hard-core training nuts, eGrips is here for you.

Our holds are priced very competitively, even though we have long led the industry in quality, design, and durability, because we know many of you are on a tight budget.  We are not a big company trying to make big profits.  We want you to climb on eGrips shapes so you can enjoy them as much as we do!  We have classic designs like the Comfy Crimps, Jax Jugs, Myorcan Tufas, and Pure Line Mini-Jugs – great shapes for any home wall.  And we have training oriented selections like the original eGrips System Tiles and the newer Pure Power Training sets; all designed with perfect symmetry for the same grip with either hand, for system style training and building power.

If you are overwhelmed by the more than 1300 shapes we have to offer then use the navigation bar at the left when browsing holds, to narrow down your choices by size, grip type, or family, and to find that perfect set.  Also consider our popular First Dibs monthly holds subscription program, for $40/month with free shipping, to always get an influx of new holds.   For nearly a decade we have been producing brand new shapes every month and selling them at a discount to our First Dibs family of customers.  It’s a great deal!

If you are just building your wall and want to outfit the project with holds, or if you have a big budget generally, go to our Contact page and email our routesetting guru Chris Danielson for help putting together the best selection.   We can offer small discounts to orders over $1,000.00 and Chris can suggest a good package of sets that will inspire your wall and your climbing.