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Mammoth Rub Semi-Huecos

Price: $208.00 
SKU: 301342
Shapes that are simultaneously simple yet complex; representative of eGrips' and Ty Foose's characteristic shaping ingenuity.  A pair of them have a triangular-like footprint, a similar outline but each with a very different grab, one low profile and incut, the other more open and sloping.  These fraternal twins then have two other siblings, both sitting slightly higher off the wall and both with round, gentle and tapered semi-huecos.  All the shapes are positive, but so much more than jugs.  Additionally, each shape has small dishes of texture intended to serve as precise smears only available from specific orientations - these islands of texture in a sea of smooth surface area yield specific and technical foot placements.  

Shaper: Ty Foose

Weight: 15.84 lbs


Size: X-Large

Number of Holds: 4

Family: Geologic

Style: Mammoth Rub

e-Grips logo for scale The eGRIPS logo circle in each product image is for scale. The diameter of the logo is 2 inches. Please see Hold Overview and Technology for more information.

hold set colors Hold sets come in one of these colors. Please see Hold Overview and Technology for more information.

Hardware is not automatically included but you may add hardware above for each set. This set includes the following bolts:

8x Drywall Screws: 6 x 2
1x Socket Head Bolt: 3/8-16 X 4-1/2
1x Socket Head Bolt: 3/8-16 X 3
2x Socket Head Bolt: 3/8-16 X 3-1/2

Hold dimensions in inches. Holds are pictured in alphabetical order.

Hold Width Height Depth Max to Center
17.75 10 4 17.75
13 11.25 3 13
16.125 13 3.75 16.125
14 13.625 3.5 14

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