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SKU: 301331
The classic "dream" pocket is a super comfortable two finger pocket with beautifully smooth and generous sloping radius, easy on the tendons and friendly to pull on.  With this set of 5, Master Shaper Foose has taken the refined artistry of the dish style and blended it with this pocket concept.  Pair up with the calculated curves of the full range of dish sets and serve up some nice lines to the climbers!

Shaper: Ty Foose

Weight: 8.81 lbs


Size: Large

Number of Holds: 5

Family: Artistic

Style: Dishes

e-Grips logo for scale The eGRIPS logo circle in each product image is for scale. The diameter of the logo is 2 inches. Please see Hold Overview and Technology for more information.

hold set colors Hold sets come in one of these colors. Please see Hold Overview and Technology for more information.

Hardware is not automatically included but you may add hardware above for each set. This set includes the following bolts:

5x Drywall Screws: 6 x 2
5x Socket Head Bolt: 3/8-16 X 2-1/2

Hold dimensions in inches. Holds are pictured in alphabetical order.

Hold Width Height Depth Max to Center
9 5.3125 1.875 5
8.5625 7.375 2.375 5.875
9 6.875 1.75 5.25
9.0625 5.5 1.875 4.5
9.3125 6.3125 2.25 5.0625

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