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Anige Payne

Angie Payne | Boulder, CO


Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Angie Payne began climbing indoors at the age of eleven. Payne spent the next five years participating in junior sport climbing competitions before becoming focused on bouldering. Upon moving to Boulder in 2003 to attend the University of Colorado, Payne employed her plastic pulling skills to win three ABS National Championships and two PCA competitions in the 2003-2004 season. Over the next nine years, more than 20 top three finishes were added to Payne’s competitive bouldering resume. Full Profile »

Tommy Caldwell

Tommy Caldwell | Estes Park, CO

Anything that can be climbed

The son of a bodybuilding mountain guide, Love slave to my beautiful wife Becca and Diaper changing wiz to the notorious Fitz Thomas Caldwell.  My life long goal has been the avoidance of a “Real Job” so I travel, climb, write, and dream up one big adventure after the next.  Somehow this adds up to a passable living. Full Profile »